Why How To Books for Kids is an important part of growing up!

Growing up is hard to do, and as a parent, you experience moments of uncertainty in what to tell your child or how to explain unexpected situations while they are growing up. We want to help you help yourself! Let our characters help you through those tough moments that you would otherwise struggle through, and give your childan excellent reference to look back on when needed.

How To Books For Kids (HTBFK) takes on tough situations and adds a children’s storyline to them! Do you have a three year old that is afraid of the potty? Maybe you have a five year old terrified to start their first day of school? Perhaps your fourth grader is experiencing bullying for the first time. Let HTBFK help you get your child through these tough situations by letting them relate to our characters Billy the Boy and Gabby the Girl. We strive to take the burden off of your shoulders just a little bit!

Do you have a unique situation at home that you need help explaining or like our story but want it to feature your child! Our author and illustrator make your situations and characters come to life! All you need to do is explain your situation in short and submit a photo of your child! HTBFK will show you a preview of your child as a character before purchase and once you approve, your book will be brought to life!

How To Books For Kids is currently sold exclusively online here. You can submit a request for a custom book on our site as well!

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